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The Tarywood and Tarywood Estates are both neighborhoods on the south end of Mercer Island. This neighborhood is off of Island Crest Way and South E. 72nd Pl. just south of Pioneer Park. Noted as being Camp Tarywood, a Girl Scout Council camp in 1933, Tarywood is now one of the more popular residential neighborhoods on Mercer Island.

Camp Tarywood used to include a large, tent platforms and cabins and became a Brownie resident Later on. After this, in the area became home to the prestigious Mercer Island high school humanities program. Tarywood actually has a very long and interesting history first planted in 1955 called the Tarywood Forest Addition Subdivision. The best-known part of this neighborhood is the Tarywood Park, a residential neighborhood surrounded by forests and foliage. The streets are level, children play, and there’s very little car traffic through the neighborhood. This community extends to E. Mercer Way and ends at Clark Beach Park, once part of Camp Tarywood. This grassy park features docks, a swimming beach, picnic areas and restrooms. You’ll often find eagle soaring and making their own camp along the shoreline.

Tarywood was known to have excellent Fourth of July parades back in the 1970s and 80s and the community banded together to organize neighborhood block parties, barbecues, and events.


Developed in the mid-to-late 1960s, Tarywood and Tarywood Estates feature large, traditional style homes with mid-century and modern design. All homes feature a Northwest, contemporary feel and nature is abundant in the Tarywood neighborhood.

Because the neighborhood dates back to the 1950s, properties and designs are really all over the board. You’ll find custom luxury homes, large estates, simple homes on smaller lots, and several homes with beautiful water views. Properties are typically $1 million-$3 million and feature a wide range of layouts, designs, and architectural styles. Some homes are in specific homeowner associations, but even those require very low homeowners dues of less than $20 per month typically.


Residents of Tarywood are part of the Mercer Island school district and are served by the Lake Ridge Elementary school, the Islander middle school, and the Mercer Island high school. The middle school and elementary school are less than a half a mile from most homes in the high school is about 2 1/2 miles from Tarywood.

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