Buying in Fall? As Fall and Winter are upon us, the scarfs, rainboots and umbrellas start making appearances. Just as our wardrobe changes with the seasons, so does purchasing real estate. While the actual buying and selling process remains the same, there are a few things that you should pay extra attention to when it comes to purchasing real estate during the Fall and Winter Months.

Here are things to consider when buying in Fall Buying in Fall and Winter – What to Look For

Drainage is of the utmost importance when it comes to purchasing a home in the pacific northwest. During summer months oftentimes you may not see the presence of drainage issues, however, once the rain comes in, drainage issues may be more prominent and should never be ignored.

This could be as simple as a small puddle in the driveway and as severe as a flooded yard. If you see standing water in any area of the property it is important that you look into the drainage systems that are in place to help avoid future and potentially damaging flooding from occurring.

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While we all want to purchase a home that has new flooring, sometimes this isn’t the best option, especially when buying in Fall and Winter. If you’re touring a home that has brand new beautiful carpets, try to think of the likelihood of the carpets being damaged upon move in.

While there is nothing better than a cozy soft carpet, oftentimes hardwoods or tile flooring is a better option when purchasing during the rainy season. Not only will the rain give you more opportunities to drag mud and dirt in during you day to day routine, but moving in your furniture and belongings will create quite the mess on the floors unless you are diligent on removing shoes each and every time you enter the front door.

Air circulation is a huge red flag that many home buyers miss. When purchasing a home in colder environments you can’t always rely on cracking a window for fresh air or you risk losing the heat from within the home. When touring homes always make sure the air seems fresh and is not covered in perfume and air fresheners. The presence of strong aromas could be covering up damp or musty air, so it is important to look at the homes HVAC/air systems, fans, etc. to ensure that even in cold winter months you won’t be stuck in a musty home and will have air circulation year round.

While there are many different things to look for when purchasing real estate, by being aware of specific seasonal features you can ensure that you are purchasing a home that will keep you happy year-round.  Whether it be drainage, air circulation, or flooring materials, make sure to keep your eyes open during your house hunting process and convey any and all concerns to your real estate agent.

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