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This review is long overdue (6 months) – but we wanted to make sure we did it and didn’t blow it off since – KELLI IS AMAZING!!! She listened to us, gave us phenomenal advice (even when it wasn’t what we always wanted to hear), got us top dollar (she helped us set a new price per square foot for  our neighborhood), was top-notch professional and so very approachable – and always stayed in great communication no matter how long or numerous the emails. We can’t say enough good things about Kelli and would recommend her again in a heartbeat to our closest friends and family – and, if we lived in the area, we would use her again!!!” – M.D.

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people selling their home. I always appreciate reviews but to take the time and give a review, I know that the work I provided did something. As a real estate agent on Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah, and surrounding areas, I focus on the end result in the goal my homeowners really want. Is there a certain number you need out of the property? Are you looking to move within a certain timeframe? Are there unique terms in which you’d like to sell your house? When we start with the end in mind we can tailor a listing, marketing, and advertising plan that suits your need, your budget, and the end result.

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“Kelli Howison is the best real estate agent in the Greater Seattle Metroplex! She worked tirelessly to make sure that our sale was executed in a professional manner and went above and beyond to help the selling agent with their side of the paperwork as well. Kelli was available consistently and  reliably to answer all of our questions. She was there for us from start to finish – helped with the staging of our home, extensive marketing, and post-sale rental communications. We know that our home was sold effectively because of Kelli’s hard work and superb attention to detail!” – Kelly & Betsy

I swear, I did not write that! HA HA… And you can verify all of these testimonials and many more on my Zillow page. There’s a lot that goes into listing and selling a property and I wanted to be as clear and concise as possible. When things get overwhelming or confusing, homeowners get frustrated and bogged down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to homeowners that have fired listing agents because of miscommunication, unclear communication, and simply a lack of understanding.


Pricing a home is crucial to getting the right buyers in the door and an offer on the table sooner rather than later. The Seattle market is very volatile and we were in an extremely hot market in many neighborhoods around Seattle just eight months ago, but it has since leveled off slightly in some communities. Knowing this can be the difference of an offer on the table or a property that sits on the market way too long. Because I understand the micro markets and individual neighborhoods around Mercer Island as well as the surrounding Seattle Metro area, we can price it correctly for today, not six months ago, and not what the future might hold. You need an offer within the first couple of weeks if not the first couple of days. We make sure we get that offer quick and effectively hold onto that offer through closing.

I would love to be your listing agent so for a free listing consultation to find out what your Mercer Island home is worth contact me at any time or simply schedule your consultation below.

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