Gated Communities Homes for Sale

There are very few if any gated neighborhoods on Mercer Island. Many homes simply have gated entrances. While I can’t talk about every home with a gated driveway, I can mention a few neighborhoods with secure entrances and gated drives.Gated Communities Homes for Sale

Many homes sit on dead-end streets and are quite private and this is what appeals to many people that choose to live on the island. Some areas are restricted although not gated, like Shore Lane on the west side of the island by Groveland and Lakeview Highlands. There are just a few private homes along this lane boasting privacy and seclusion.

Mid-Island you’ll find private homes along Parkwood Ridge Rd. These homes are between $1 million and $4 million and although not gated, not public either.

Up north on the east side of the island are E Mercer Way and SE 38th St. Both offer homes along these private drives out to the water and are not traveled by the public.

I think you get my gist here. There are really no actual “communities” that are gated or secure on Mercer Island but there is also not a lot of public roads either. Most roads have between 2 and 5 properties on them and end in a cul-de-sac or onto a private driveway. And that’s why people love Mercer Island. Not for the typical, suburban, cookie-cutter neighborhoods, but for the individual, private driveways, private homes, and luxury designs.

Shorewood Drive, which is accessible over Interstate 90 or along 88th Ave., Southeast, does have a guarded entrance, although it is not gated. There are a few townhouses and private homes on W. Shorewood Dr., and although secure, it is not heavily enforced.

Along W. Mercer Way on the west side of the island, turn south on Boulevard place and there are a few winding driveways with several homes leading to the water’s edge.

Again, most homes are not in gated communities but rather have private or gated driveways. If you’re looking for a secure home, gated entrance, or gated driveway on Mercer Island please contact my office today. I could send you a list of details on all the current listings available on Mercer Island or even surrounding cities that have the gated entrance you desire.

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