Right now a large number of Americans are moving for various different reasons. The current pandemic is re-shaping how we feel about our current home and if it is meeting our lifestyle needs. People are re-evaluating what homeownership means for them and what they find most important in the function of their home.

Here are some of the main reasons people are moving and looking to purchase a new home right now:

They are Working from Home

Remote work has been slowly increasing for some years now with more and more companies allowing employees to perform some tasks at home or work there at least one day a week. Now, in 2020 it is the new norm for most companies and it is full-time, not just a small part of the time.

This has caused homeowners to realize they no longer need to live within a manageable driving distance to the office. They can afford a home they have always wanted by searching just a bit further away from the main city.

Virtual School

Most schools across the country have opted to begin the year with kids learning at home through video classrooms. This creates a need for each child to have their own virtual classroom space and this has created the need for some to search for a larger home with no end in sight of when kids will go back to the school buildings.

Home Gym

Staying healthy and active is important to many of us, but going to a gym and possibly sharing sweaty equipment with a sick person is not. A lot of buyers are looking into moving to have a space they can work out in their own homes and stay healthy and in shape.

Outdoor Space

This one has been especially important for potential buyers that live in a condo, townhouse, or apartment where private outdoor space is minimal or non-existent. The pandemic saw a large number of homeowners using their backyards as an extension of their homes. A place to hang out outside in fresh air with no distancing rules.

People are hoping to move to a new home right now for several different reasons and a big motivation helping to turn wants into realities is the historically low mortgages rates making homes more affordable right now. If you are still trying to decide whether a move is right for you personally right now it is a good idea to reach out to an expert local real estate agent and discuss your needs and options.

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