Nobody really likes the task of packing and moving but if you have a little bit of time to plan for it, it can make the entire process much less stressful. However, if you need to move in a hurry, it’s best to be as organized as possible. Moving quickly, whether it’s because your home sold quicker than you thought, you found a better home faster than you is assumed, or your job relocation is demanding a quick turnaround, the stress of packing and moving quickly can be overwhelming.

If you’re planning on moving fast here are four important things to keep in mind when moving quickly.

#1. To-do checklist.

You have to stay organized throughout this process. Whether it’s a tight deadline, a tight moving budget, or both, making a to-do list will help get things out of your head and into a more organized system. Once you’ve brainstormed and written down everything you possibly can think of, it’s time to write it out again putting the tasks in chronological order. Keep this list with you so you can refer back to it throughout the moving process and don’t be afraid to add to it or cross something off for that sense of accomplishment.

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#2. Set deadlines.4 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Quickly

Each task will need a deadline and whether you have three days to move or three weeks, go through the list and create a deadline for each item. This may also mean scheduling movers, packers, or even your friends to pitch in and help when necessary.

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#3. Develop a packing system.

Gather all the packing materials you’ll need for each room and put them in that room. Remember, you can reuse items such as towels, linens, blankets, and pillows for packing fragile items and breakable’s.

Secure drawers closed with packing tape and move them as is if possible.

Create a color-coded labeling system so that you know what is in every box with just a glance.

Make a simple list of all the items in each box and set aside high-priority items. For example, if you know you’ll need the coffee maker as soon as you move in, don’t packet first… Packet last so it’s the first thing out of the truck.

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#4. Ask for help.

Don’t assume you have to do all this yourself. There are literally companies that you can higher to help with moving assistance. Many moving companies offer packing services to help you get the job done quickly and right. Ask friends or family to pitch in and you can host a packing party that will double as a going away party.

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Staying organized is key to a fast and quick move. Don’t forget to breathe, keep your list close at hand, and keep things as organized as possible.

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