Are you planning on moving in 2020? If you’ve got through the holidays and now you’re considering relocating to or from the Seattle real estate area here are some details you don’t want to overlook. To keep things organized, use this checklist when moving, packing, and relocating. Here are 10 details to organize a move or relocation.

#1. Start early.

Frustration and stress come when there’s been no preparation or if things change suddenly. If you prepare for changes, try to be flexible, and plan ahead, you’ll feel more confident and relaxed about the relocation.

#2. Start now by researching prices and professionals.

Will you be packing and moving yourself or will you have a professional mover help you along the way? Whether you’re just having someone pack up and load the truck or do the entire thing, start now by researching reviews and prices from different moving companies.

#3. Book a moving company early.

If you know your moving day and you know who you’re going to choose, start now by reserving a truck and the date you need it.

#4. Start collecting packing material.

Packing material can be expensive but if you start early by collecting boxes may be left over from the holidays, asking friends and family right after the holidays so that you can have all of their boxes, and start collecting packing materials. Don’t forget, you can use household items as packing material such as blankets, clothes, and towels.

#5. Time to downsize.10 Details to Organize a Move or Relocation

Now is a great time to consider giving away items that still have a lot of life in them but you know you don’t want to move them to the new house. Donate, toss, and organize as you go making the unpacking process much easier on the other end.

#6. Transfer your utilities.

You’ll want to make sure that the utilities work in your new home especially if you’re relocating to a colder part of the country. Make sure that the utilities of transferred in your name and are working when you get there.

#7. Change your mailing address.

The Postal Service can make it easy to change your mailing address online. You can set up to have your mail forwarded up to six months or even a year after you’ve moved it just so that you can physically change any address that you may have forgotten about.

#8. Take out the trash.

Make sure you don’t leave any bags of trash, paint cans, or cleaning supplies at the old house. It’s time to clean up and vacate the home. Checking each room can help you catch any small items you may have missed.

#9. Be flexible.

If you time everything or schedule it down to the minute you may be stressed and frustrated if those timelines are not met. Give yourself some space, give your family grace, and be flexible to changes in schedules, traffic, and packing.

#10. Pack things you want first last.

The very last box that goes in the moving truck should be the first thing you’ll need at the new house. This might include the coffee maker, important documents, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

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