I had an interesting conversation with other agents about how real estate is an essential business and how many real estate agents are still being allowed to operate, which is great. But, we also felt that big companies like Zillow and other companies that are trying to push agents out of the business may actually capitalize on our current situation. Homebuyers and sellers may think that if they can do everything online, there is no need for real estate agents.

That being said, I want you to know that during these odd and strange virus times, you can still buy and sell real estate and many people need to. Perhaps your home went on the market right before the “shelter in place” initiative came out and you still need to sell and buy another home. Or maybe you already have another home lined up and you need to sell your home immediately. Whatever the case, real estate must go on but does it need to go on with physical agents?

It’s true that you can look for homes online, check out virtual tours, inquire over email, text or phone call, or even face time lenders, escrow and title companies, but, is there a need for an actual real estate agent to help facilitate the transaction?

We emphatically say yes!

There are too many legalities, confusing issues, and problems that can arise in a real estate transaction because of so many different parties involved. Every buyer and every seller is different and you’re going to have agents on both sides, escrow and title companies, appraisals, lenders, inspectors, boundary surveyors, and the list goes on and on. Should we expect the buyer or seller to deal with all of these parties on their own? How do they know they’re not getting ripped off? How can they negotiate for their terms, price, and what they really need out of the deal?

An online robot cannot do these things for you. There’s so much legal jargon involved in a real estate contract and if you ever purchased a home before you know the stack of papers needed to sign at the end of it all. If there’s no one to explain issues, have your back, or make sure you are not making a mistake, you could be out thousands of dollars, deal with lawsuits, or have some serious buyers remorse.

For buyers, it costs them nothing to use the representation of a buyers agent. We can help facilitate the entire transaction, set your mind at ease about every detail, and explain documents and the process along the way. That is completely priceless.

For sellers, we can help price your home correctly rather than the ‘Zestimate’ that’s almost always completely wrong. You don’t want to sit on the market any longer than you have to, especially in today’s market. You need your home priced correctly and that means going with an agent that understands your neighborhood and community, the current market trends which literally can change from day to day, went to market your home, went to price, and went to list. You won’t find that from an online robot.

There’s just no substitute for a real, live, breathing, real estate agent that can help you buy or sell your home. While we can do just about everything virtually online except for maybe the final signing where we have a notary come to your home and sign one on one, nothing beats the care, experience, and representation of having a real person help you through this tricky and sometimes confusing process. We want this to be easy… I want this to be easy for you. Please do not neglect the real estate agent during this time. We would love to be your lifeline when buying or selling property.

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