Where Are People Moving to in 2020? In a recent article and survey by United Van Lines, baby boomers led the way, moving more than any other age group in 2019. They account for more than 45% of all of the companies inbound moves. Economic status, performance, retirement age, and housing costs drove the majority of these moves. 24% touted retirement as a reason for moving, 46% job change and 23% for a lifestyle change. Florida actually joined the list of the top 10 inbound states for the first time since 2015.Where Are People Moving to in 2020?

This study looked at the number of moves to and from the contiguous 48 states and only states with more than 250 moves were counted. Two states were considered balanced, Oklahoma and Maine, meaning that the same number of inbound moves accounted for the same number of outbound moves.

The state of Washington came in at #5 with a total of 8986 moves from the United Van Lines alone in 2019. Nearly 60% moved in while just 40% moved out.

But Washington is a tricky state. There are several reasons to move here including jobs, the beautiful landscape, no state income tax, an endless supply of outdoor activities, higher education opportunities, global business relationships, and multiple statewide housing options. Of course, our weather isn’t necessarily one of those main reasons, even though many people prefer our mild winters and moderate summers to the extremes and several other states like Michigan or Florida.

Of course, we have just about everything in the state from beautiful mountains to beaches, skiing, water activities, lakes, oceans, and rivers throughout the state. However, our cost of living is quite a bit higher than other places in the country. But, Washington has several places that vary greatly from livability and housing costs such as the eastern Washington area to western Washington. Obviously, the closer you get to downtown Seattle, the higher home prices tend to be. But, less than an hour from the major metro areas and you’ll find single-family homes around $220,000 or even less in some outlying suburbs and communities.

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The average salary in Seattle is right about $70,000 of year, which can supply someone with moderate rental costs or housing depending on the type of property you choose. The drawback is that most of the great jobs are located on the east side such as Bellevue and Redmond or downtown Seattle, but the housing costs are quadrupled of that just 45 to 50 minutes away in places like Renton, Puyallup, Everett, and Lynnwood.

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Where Are People Moving to in 2020? – WASHINGTON!

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