Four Washington cities made the list of the top Lake towns in the entire country. A recent article by Stacker magazine listed in the best lakes towns to live in across the country and Washington state had four of those cities listed among 47 other continental United States cities.

Lakewood Washington, located down by Tacoma and Steilacoom came in the top 40 but within the top 10 was Redmond Washington, Mercer Island, and Kirkland.

It’s not surprising that the last three are some of the best Lake towns in our state. We have Lake Washington lot, Lake Sammamish, and Lake Union right at our back doorstep. Let’s take a little closer look at these four major Lake towns in western Washington.Washington Has the Best Lake Towns in the Country

Lakewood Washington. It offers an affordability rank of #37, weather rank of #15, safety rank #46, and an economy rate of #31. Quality of life came in the top of the list in this Lakeside town just 40 miles south of downtown Seattle. It’s ideal for families as excellent schools are located nearby as well as it’s a short distance to commercial and industrial areas. There are several leaks accessible from the Lakewood area including Steilacoom, Gravelly, American, and Sequalitchew. Outdoor enthusiasts will also love the Chambers Bay Golf Course just 4 miles away from downtown Lakewood, home of the 2015 US Open. The median home value is currently about $300,000 in Lakewood. The majority of homes are priced between $137,000 and $412,000.

Redmond Washington came in at #8 with a total score of about 60. Affordability is a little bit lower than in Lakewood but it’s quality of life and proximity to Lakes is unparalleled. Nestled on the shores of Lake Sammamish with the river of the same name flowing directly through the heart of the city this is the #1 suburban Washington home to both renowned international and STEM schools. There are many reasons the Redmond is ranked as one of the best Lake towns in the area. As of the publishing of this post, the median home value is $788,000.

Our own Mercer Island came in #6 is one of the top Lake towns in the country. It came in #1 as some of the best education and health in the country, #13 for safety, and #number 16 for affordability. However, it is one of the wealthiest cities in the state nestled between Seattle and Bellevue in the heart of Lake Washington. It’s known for excellent public school systems, multiple parks, and features a true Island community. The median home value is $1,510,000.

Kirkland Washington came in #5 with an economy rank of #2, education and health rank of #6 and a quality of life #10. This area has multiple parks and trails, ranked one of the best places to raise a family in the Puget Sound area, and sits on the shores of gorgeous Lake Washington. This tight-knit community is a thriving neighborhood of arts and entertainment, wineries and outdoor recreation. Kirkland’s median home value is $767,000.

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