There are dozens of parks and playgrounds throughout Mercer Island and they’re well spread out so just about every residential community and neighborhood has some type of park within its vicinity. Here’s a list of some of the best parks and some of the secret parks around Mercer Island.

The Parks of Mercer Island

Aubrey Davis Park

This park is located on the north end and literally covers the top of Interstate 90. It’s located between W. Mercer Way and N. Mercer Way and it has sports facilities, playgrounds, large open fields, and playgrounds. Because of its expansive construction on top of Interstate 90. This is designed to protect the neighborhood from the noise of the freeway and it features to playgrounds both on the east and one on the west side. There’s a baseball field, picnic shelters, basketball courts, and features a safari theme with interactive equipment.

Small parks on Mercer Island’s west side

There are four small parks between South E. 32nd St. and 60th Ave., Southeast including Caulkins Landing, Slater Park, Garfield Landing, and Proctor Landing. These are small little neighborhood parks along the shoreline. There’s a small little Secret Park just off of W. Mercer Way at the end of SE. 27th St. in amongst residential communities. This small park has a small playground and is really a hidden gem within the neighborhood.

The Parks of Mercer Island
Luther Burbank Park

Located at the northern tip of Mercer Island just north of Interstate 90 is the Mercer Island Historical Society, Parks and Recreation, off-leash dog park, and the Caulkins Point Sand Beach. This Park features beautiful views of Lake Washington and has several facilities ideal for water-based activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. With over 70 acres and three-quarters of a mile of Lake Washington waterfront, much of the Luther Burbank Park is underdeveloped featuring a wide variety of wildlife, 135 species of birds, 50 species of waterfowl, raccoons, frogs, rabbits, and beavers. The park features a large playground, and off-leash dog area, picnic areas, three tennis courts, a public boat dock, public fishing pier, swimming beach, amphitheater, and walking trails. This is one of the largest parks on Mercer Island.

Gallagher Hill Park

This is more of open space rather than a park but there is the Gallagher Hill trail which runs through the center of this open space. It’s a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of adjacent Interstate 90 and the residential neighborhood surrounding it. It’s located off of Gallagher Hill Road and the trail is available off of E. Shorewood Dr. on the northwest corner.

Mercerdale Park

This is a playground Park also known as the “Train Park” due to its train-themed playground equipment. It’s located on the corner of SE. 32nd St. and 78th Ave., Southeast. It features the Mercer Island farmers market, several trails, and is a hot spot for community events such as summer celebrations, homecoming parades, and concerts. There are paved walking paths around the park, which makes it perfect for bikes, scooters, and walking.

Homestead Park

Located on the corner of SE. 40th St. and 80th Ave., Southwest almost in the center of Mercer Island is the Homestead Park featuring sports fields, tennis courts, playground equipment, and open space. It’s a great residential neighborhood Park featuring lots of parking and picnic areas.

The Parks of Mercer Island

Island Crest Park

This is also one of the primary parks in central Mercer Island located between Island Crest Way and 84th Ave., Southeast. This unique and fun Park features the Dragon Park, a unique Dragon seemed playground with castles, a huge Dragon sculpture, bathrooms, sports fields, tennis courts, walking trails, and open space. It’s a beloved park for anyone living in mid-Mercer Island.

The Parks of Mercer Island

Pioneer Park

This 113-acre forest did Park is one of the largest parks on Mercer Island. It contains nearly 7 miles of trails and much of the park is in its natural state. There’s and equestrian quadrant on the east side of Island Crest Way and trails are open to all users but have been designed and maintained specifically for horseback riding. The Mercer Island Saddle Club and Country Club are located at the southwest quadrant of the park. The Northwest quadrant is the most popular and features deciduous trees, a perimeter trail accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, and a few off-leash dog areas. In the North East quadrant, there’s a small ravine, a Creek, and some of the newest trails in the park. This quadrant is close to horses.

Clarke Beach Park

Also referred to as Groveland Park, this beachfront Park is located around SE. 58th St. and 80th Ave., Southeast. It features a playground area and a small peer plus it’s a beautiful place to sit by the water and take in the view.

South Mercer Playfields

Just north of SE. 78th St. between 81st Pl., Southeast and 84th Ave., Southeast are the South Mercer playfields and playground. There are several sports fields, a decent sized parking area, green space, playground, soccer fields, and track.

First Hill Park

This is one of Mercer Island’s hidden gems nestled among beautiful trees it is named the first Hill treehouse and features a playground, seating area and basketball courts located at SE. 32nd St. and 72nd Ave., Southeast.

So, which of these parks is your favorite? With so many parks, green space, equestrian trails, hiking and biking paths, and shoreline excursions, there’s plenty to explore on Mercer Island.

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