A recent article by the US Senses Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed 50 of America’s best cities to live. Local governments can bear some degree of responsibility for neighborhood safety and a wide range of other amenities that affect local daily life. Well, Mercer Island came in on that list beating out nearly 30,000 other cities across the nation. There were over two dozen metrics related to affordability, economy, the standard of living, and community and while there’s no such thing as a perfect city, many of the attributes that Mercer Island offers have universal appeal. Let’s look more into why Mercer Island Named One of America’s 50 Best Cities to Live. [Source]

It’s the only city in Washington state to make the list. This municipality on an island in Lake Washington between Bellevue and Seattle came in as one of the top best places to live even though our housing is relatively higher than the national average. But, income is also higher with Mercer Island’s household earnings of about $142,000 a year, more than double the national median household of just $60,000.

Mercer Island has a population of 25,492 with a five-year population change of 9.4%. The five-year average unemployment is just 3.6%, lower than the national average and are Island boasts a range of cultural and entertainment options, far greater than the per capita concentration of places like restaurants, movie theaters, and entertainment.

There are dozens if not hundreds of reasons to love Mercer Island. Its central location, great resources, access to nature, entertainment, and some of the best schools in King County are just a few. Here some other favorite reasons to love Mercer Island.

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