Food trucks are a big thing and not just in Los Angeles or on the east coast but right here on Mercer Island. Did you know that we have dozens of food trucks making their way throughout the island on a weekly basis? Here’s some of our favorite food trucks on Mercer Island.


This unique Japanese waffle style food truck is probably one of the most clever versions of the Japanese waffle I’ve seen. I know it sounds weird but you have to give it a try. These are fish pancakes or waffles with beef, cheese, and kimchi. Think of it as Japanese comfort food reimagined. There are savory and sweet stuffed waffles serving the greater Seattle area as well as Mercer Island.

Best Food Trucks on Mercer Island

In Pizza We Crust

This fun and playful take on pizza brings you woodfired crust right from the truck. Whether it’s whole clams on your pizza covered in garlic and olive oil or your basic red sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni, these woodfired gems make their way around Mercer Island from time to time and you can check their website to see where they’re going to be today.

The Ultimate Melt

If melt the cheese is your weakness, this is a food truck for you. How about buffalo sauce tater tots with melted cheese and ooey-gooey pesto chicken, and delicious mac and cheese? You could check their website to find out when they’re going to be in Mercer Island next or just drool over the amazing menu.

Best Food Trucks on Mercer Island

Seoul Bowl

You’ll find this truck traveling to and from Seattle and the Eastside is this fantastic Korean masterpiece. You can build your own Korean barbecue bowl with fresh ingredients such as Dikon radish, kimchi, marinated beef and chicken, vegetarian, corn, rice, and all types of mushrooms and Korean spices.

Mangia Me

This local food truck offers fresh Italian food with healthy ingredients made from scratch including their homemade pasta. Didn’t think you could get pasta from a food truck? Think again with their amazing rigatoni Gorgonzola, chicken Shabbat a sandwich, spaghetti and sausage or tortellini Bolognese.

Best Food Trucks on Mercer Island

Poke to the Max

This might be my favorite. Sam Choy has brought his delicious poke to the Seattle area and the food truck makes its way over to Mercer Island from time to time. His food truck menu includes things like garlic fried chicken, loco moco, a favorite Hawaiian dish, a poke salad or even a poke sandwich wrap.

So, check out these amazing food trucks that make their way to Mercer Island each week and find out when and where to be to get your favorite food truck delights.