Whether you’ve just moved in or it’s been a few months or even years and your house still doesn’t feel like home, there are some simple and easy ways you can turn your house into the home of your dreams, a comfortable and inviting place to live. We all want our house to feel like an oasis, a respite from daily stresses. If you’re looking to turn your house into a welcoming retreat, and who doesn’t, here are five simple ways to instantly make your house a home.

#1. The right lighting.

Lighting can be represented in a variety of ways but lighting fixtures and lands can immediately make a room feel homier and allow you to add a personal touch. If your room has stark or clinical lighting, you can soften the effect in every room by changing out overhead lighting with a chandelier, or get tabletop lamps the direct light into all corners of the room. Create different separate areas for reading, relaxing, taking a nap, or eating. Lighting is usually one of the easiest things to find inexpensively and it’s quick and fun to up-cycle lamps and lighting fixtures that you might find at thrift stores or flea markets.

pictures on the wall

#2. Stuff on the walls.

Nothing says drab, stark, and clinical like bare walls. I mean, this is why doctor’s offices always have something fun and relaxing on the wall. If it’s been forever and you just haven’t put anything up on your wall, just start with something simple and let your imagination run wild. You may not even like the very first thing you put on your wall but it could get you started with putting things on the wall and then you can replace things as you go. If you have no idea what to start with, start framing family photos. You can even track down cheap artwork at thrift stores or consignment shops for just a couple of bucks. But, the more things you have on the wall the more comforting and homey a room will feel.

pictures on the wall

#3. Create a lived-in look.

If you don’t look like you actually live in your home, you may not want to spend time in it. Sure, you can still keep things organized but you don’t necessarily have to put everything away all the time. Showcase some of your hobbies or leave books out. Display fresh flowers or greens or collect furniture over time instead of buying matching sets.

pictures on the wall

#4. Utilize the fireplace.

Even if you don’t want to make a fire every single night, you can still put your unused fireplace to good use. A fireplace is a great asset to any room so you can even paint the inside of the fireplace with a bright or bold color, put a large plant or artifact inside the empty space, fill it with candles of all different sizes, or store extra books were a large basket with extra pillows in there.

5 Ways to Instantly Make Your House a Home

#5. Customize.

Mass-produced items make it difficult to customize your space and make it feel lived in. Change up standard hardware, items, flooring, furniture, and counters into something you really love whether it’s simply painting your dresser handles, adding small personal touches that will make a notable impression for you and your guests, or customize light switches. All of these little details can make your house feel more like a home because it’s part of you. When you have your own customizable details throughout the house, it naturally makes you feel like this is more of a space you want to live in.

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