Buying a new home usually means buying new furniture or upgrading your existing furniture. You may be buying a larger home and have a couple of extra rooms to fill and if you’ve been shopping anytime lately you know that furniture is ridiculously expensive. Even places like wayfarer that offer free shipping still have couches and chairs well over $1000 or more. So how can you save money when re-furnishing a home? Here are three unique strategies when it comes to saving money on new furniture.

#1. Look for open box items.

This is probably one of the world’s best-kept secrets about retail. Anytime I need some sort of a device or electronic I will head to the open box section of my local Best Buy. Often times these have been returned because they were the wrong color or they didn’t fit what they really wanted. They will only restock items that of course are in good working order and usually have the box but you can save anywhere from 10% to 60% on these items and the warranties are just as good. The same can be true for furniture. Open-box items for furniture may have damaged packaging or a little scratch or scrape here or there. If you don’t mind a little bit of wear and tear, this can be a great way to save up to 70% on furniture. You can check with big-box outlet stores or ask around at furniture shops. And check back. Being patient often means a big reward.

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#2. Check out a local liquidator.

These are also one of retail’s biggest secrets. When a large amount of product is returned to places like Costco or Fred Meyer, they will often gather them all up including any overstock items and sell them to big-box outlet stores. They will then turn around and sell them for a discount. You may be able to find that perfect couch or loveseat that you’ve been looking for at a 50% off discount simply because it was returned and lumped in with all the rest of the returns.

#3. Be patient.

Like I said before, be patient and wait for sales or consider stacking rewards to get great deals on amazing furniture. I had a friend that literally took over a year to furnish her home because she was looking for the right deal, the right piece, and the right time to buy. Once these sales hit, look for the specific items you have a list. You can also try to stack rewards or simply ask for a discount. What’s the worst they could say? You never know unless you ask.

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