This is the ultimate question for homeowners: what really sell the house? While this may seem like a simple question the answer is anything but. There are so many variables that go into selling a house that this cannot be answered with one simple answer.

This also depends on where in the world you are selling. Someone selling in New York City may have completely different variables to someone selling in the Puget Sound such as ourselves.

Timing also has a great impact on what actually makes the house sell. Homes sell faster in the spring and summer since people tend to be more available and kids are out of school. It’s easier to make the transition during the summer, however, if someone needs to relocate and move, the time of year is hardly of concern. They simply need to sell and move on as quickly as possible.

There are some basics when it comes to selling a house, but of course, those have been talked about and blogged about for decades. Nevertheless, I will mention just a few of the basics to getting a home sold in general.

There are some basics when it comes to selling a house, but of course, those have been talked about and blogged about for decades. Nevertheless, I will mention just a few of the basics to getting a home sold in general.

What Really Sells a House?

#1. Clean.

More than anything, the house must be clean. This means that everything needs to be off of counters, tables, couches, and floors to create a clean, open, and well-staged environment. Photos can do a lot for the look of a house but once a buyer steps through the door, they will be looking at every little nook and cranny for cleanliness. This might be a great time to hire a housekeeper at least once a week while the home is on the market to keep things in tip-top shape. – Contact All Kleen Carpets for expert Professional Carpet, Tile and Upholstery cleaning

#2. Photographs.

Photographs can literally make or break a home sale. They are your first line of defense and the first impression that many buyers will see. These photos should be professionally done, take in great lighting, and each room is should be staged appropriately. Buyers don’t want to see the toilet seat up, dishes in the sink, unmade beds and clothes on the floor. Make sure each room is appropriately staged before taking any photographs.

#3. Fix the most obvious issues.

You’ll notice I didn’t say every issue. If the home has some serious structural damage or hazardous issues, those definitely need to be addressed before listing the property, however, minor details such as a faulty outlet, loose doorknob, or unpainted closets don’t necessarily need to be addressed and tell the buyer request these on a home inspection report. You might be surprised; the buyer may not request for anything, which can save you a lot of time and money.

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What really sells a house

#4. Use the right agent for the right marketing.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be expensive when you go with the right agent. Because we are a discount real estate company we can offer better deals for the same service as a full priced real estate brokerage. You might be surprised at how much you could save and still get the great marketing and advertising exposure from a full-priced brokerage.

These are the basics that can help any homes sell but when you’re talking about what is selling your property specific it comes down to some serious variables. The price is always of concern. If your home is priced just below your closest competitive property, chances are you’ll get the look and the offer over your competition. However, each micro market and neighborhood may be advertised differently from the next city over. Because we deal with a lot of different cities throughout the Seattle area, we know what buyers are looking in what particular cities and why they are buying in the neighborhood. We can help you price correctly, advertise accordingly and market appropriately for the right buyer. This is why using a dedicated and local real estate brokerage that understands the market is so crucial to getting the home sold fast.

If you provide the best home in the neighborhood at the lowest possible price that you can manage, your home will get sold.

It also helps to know your competition. If you only know your house and your layout, you can’t compete with anyone in the area. Take a look at other homes in your neighborhood or in your city. Do they have larger let out for less price? Perhaps they have more bathrooms or bedrooms than you are providing; maybe to have a larger, fenced backyard or maybe even a view of the ocean. These little factors can really play into whether your home or your competition will get sold first.

So, you can see that I can’t actually answer this question with the basic answer. What sells your home may be different than what sells your neighbors home and that’s the key to getting the right buyer in the door.

Let’s talk about what actually is going to sell your house. A free listing presentation and an overview of your home, the neighborhood, and the house values can really give us a snapshot of what it would take to sell your Mercer Island home.

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