The garage is probably one of the last places sellers/homeowners think about when listing their property, cleaning, and preparing to market the home but it is another room of the house and it shouldn’t be neglected. You want to appeal to people looking for a great garage not only for workspace but to house their items and vehicles. Here are some unique ways to add value to your garage.

A great garage door.

Heavy garage doors that have to be opened manually are not very appealing to homebuyers. You’ll need a fully automatic and functioning garage door and garage door opener and a new garage door can provide a significant increase to the value of a home. Make sure that it coordinates with the color of the property and adds charm and appeal to the outside of the house.

Storage space.

Everyone stores things in the garage but cluttering the garage with boxes, old bicycles, and broken items can send the wrong message to a buyer. By using neat, plastic bins with labels, stored carefully and symmetrically, you can create beautiful storage space and you might even consider shelving along the walls.

Adequate lighting.

Adequate lighting in a garage is not just for ascetics but can provide a better workspace and a safer environment. Motion sensors are also a good addition for safety and security.

The garage floor.

Don’t neglect the garage floor. You can paint the floor with an epoxy finish making it easier to clean or add tiles or flooring that attaches to the floor itself to make it slip-proof or a gritty substance to the floor surface. Concrete garage floors can certainly take a beating over the years with paint marks, scuffs, and scrapes.

A comfortable workspace.

If you have enough room in the garage for a workbench or workspace you can make it more comfortable by putting an anti-fatigue mat in front of the main work area. A wall-mounted fan is a great way to keep the garage cool in the summer months and a clean and clear workbench or a wall with hooks and storage items prompts people to want to hang out in the garage and make it a great workspace.

Enough electrical outlets.

The recommended number of wall outlet should be six for a one-car garage. The cost of adding additional outlets can be minimal but have a huge impact on the value of the garage.

Make room for the car.

If your garage is so cluttered with boxes and items that you can’t even put a car in the garage, buyers may think that there’s not enough room in the house itself. Don’t neglect keeping enough room for at least one car in the garage.

Keep the exterior clean and clear.

All of the upgrades to the inside won’t mean a thing if the outside of the garage looks dilapidated. Keep outside doors clean, clear, and keep the path to and from the garage or even the driveway pressure washed, trimmed of any trees or shrubs, and make the garage an inviting place to be.

The garage has many roles rather than just simple storage space or place to keep your car. By adding functional improvements to the garage you have increased the value of the entire house.


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