Does your home have one of these 8 major issues? Then chances are, they will run for the hills rather than linger and consider buying.  If you’re selling your home, make sure it doesn’t one or more of the 8 biggest red flags for home buyers.

#1. Bad odors.

The problem with this is that most people don’t realize their house has a bad odor. The longer we live in a house the more “noes blind” would become to the smells and odors but for those that have never entered your house, that’s the first thing that virtually hits them in the face. The most common include pets as in litter boxes, urine, or feces, cigar or cigarette smoke, mold and mildew, mothballs and dirty clothes. Cooking odors can linger so it’s best not to cook any fish, onions, or eggs right before showing if possible.

#2. Neglected maintenance.8 Biggest Red Flags for Home Buyers

Buyers can see right off the bat if the home has been taken care of or not. Rotting wood around windows and doors, peeling paint, settlement cracks, cracks in the foundation or driveways, stains on brick or siding, cloudy glass in the windows, unfinished building projects, or broken and rotting fences. These little details can stand out like a sore come to potential buyers. It’s best to have a fresh set of eyes look over the house, make a checklist, and tackle these little projects one by one before listing.

#3. Signs of pests.

Rat traps, feces, termite or other pest traps and evidence will definitely send buyers running for the hills. Take care of any and all past issues before listing and then remove all evidence thereafter. It’s not necessarily to be deceptive, but it’s just good maintenance.

#4. Standing water or water stains.

Standing water, water stains, and the like all scream mold and mildew, which can cause black mold and toxic fumes into your house further causing respiratory problems and illness. Take care of these things as quickly as possible. Anything that has been leaking for some time needs to be taken care of and that’s not just covering over the stain with a fresh coat of paint. Is the issue still prevalent? You could be liable in the future if it’s not dealt with before you list.

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#5. Brass and other outdated materials.

If your home was built in the 70s but literally hasn’t changed since then, buyers just see a whole lot of home projects. It’s time to remove that shiny brass switch plates, lighting fixtures, row lights and bathrooms,and outdated kitchen and bathroom appliances and materials. This will usually be the biggest expense but it can really pay off with a good rate of return when you sell the property. Even just updating out of builder-grade items can really work wonders.

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#6. Bold paint colors and old wallpaper.

If you have a bright red kitchen, bright green bathroom, or your kid’s rooms are hot pink or black, it’s time to get rid of those bold colors. Buyers are looking for something neutral that just about anyone could live with. If your colors, wallpaper, or texture is to customize, buyers may see a project and it may keep them from making an offer.

#7. Unfinished basements.

While this isn’t necessarily something that could turn away buyers altogether, creepy or unfinished addicts and storage areas, rooms with poor or no lighting, cracked flooring, spiderwebs and shredded insulation display a project that a lot of new homeowners just don’t want to deal with. Take care of these issues ahead of time and make them as inviting, warm, and lighted as possible.

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#8. Outdated flooring.

Wall-to-wall plush carpet, shaggy, non-neutral, stained, or worn-out carpet is really a project a lot of homeowners don’t want to deal with but if you’re planning on selling and you want top dollar, it’s best to replace the flooring with a more modern and contemporary design. There are some extremely durable laminate that looks like hardwood floors or you can bite the bullet and give your home a full hardwood updates.

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If you’re ready to list your home or if you just want to know what your home is currently worth and what it could be worse after these eight upgrades, give me a call. The market is amazing right now and homes are selling like hot cakes.

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