We all know about the basics when it comes to getting a home ready to sell; cleaning, organizing, keeping things neutral, repainting, and fixing items that need repair. But there are some other cosmetic and surface packs that you can use to really appeal to today’s buyers. This article is talking about five of the most unique hacks to really up your staging game assuming you’re already doing the main points. Once you’ve deep cleaned, de-cluttered, packed away personal items, and fixed obvious issues in the house, use these additional five staging hacks to really make your house pop.

5 Staging Hacks You Need to Know

#1. Use display towels.

This doesn’t need to necessarily be for a house that you don’t live in. But, if buyers come through the house and see dirty kitchen rags and towels, bathroom towels that have been used or washed a dozen or more times, it can add a less than fresh feeling. When you show your home put all your everyday towels away and have specific towels used just for showings. These don’t need to be expensive but fluffy, white, clean, and well folded, rolled, or hung towels in the bathroom, kitchens, and anywhere else you might need towels really can make a beautiful statement of cleanliness, organization, and a beautiful staged design.

5 Staging Hacks You Need to Know

#2. Use extra linens and fresh pillows.

This might be the time to invest just $100 for fresh bedding. A fluffy, huge bedspread, with additional throw blankets neatly folded, and tons of decorative pillows will make the bed the beautiful focal point of every bedroom. Decorative shams, decorative blankets, and a beautifully organized bedroom set really makes a bedroom stand out.

5 Staging Hacks You Need to Know

#3. Use fresh greenery and flowers whenever possible.

This might be an expense that you’ll want to freshen up at least once a week, especially if you have frequent showings. Putting fresh flowers or greenery on your dining room table, kitchen table, bathroom vanity, and maybe even the bedroom nightstand will add a beautiful look to any room. You can even buy cheap flowers or greenery at Trader Joe’s for less than $5 per bunch.

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5 Staging Hacks You Need to Know

#4. High devices and courts.

Cord clutter is something we can become blind to in our own houses whether it’s the phone charging cord on the kitchen counter or the tangled web of cords and wires behind the TV and compute. Clean, organize, and hide as many cords of everything you can find including lamps and fans. If your desk has a place to hide power strips, or you can affix them to the back of TVs and down the wall, it will offer a more clean and uncluttered look. Consider using a totebag to round up all portable electronic devices such as handheld games and consoles as well as their charging cords and take it with you when there’s a showing.

5 Staging Hacks You Need to Know

#5. Add focal points.

Wonder through every room in your house and find items that can be used as focal points. This could be a brightly colored and table, all of the pillows and linens on the bed, or a set of three items on counters, nightstands, and tables. Think of the rule of three when staging. Items set in three or five setting displays create more of a focal point and an attraction than just one or two items or too many items.

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