The heart of the home is often the kitchen and it’s also one of the most expensive rooms to remodel but, when it comes to selling a house, it’s the one that could really make or break a deal. If you’re planning on selling your Mercer Island or Seattle area home focusing on the kitchen is really key to getting the home sold for top dollar. Here are some tips that can help you redesign a kitchen that will help sell the house.


Homebuyers are looking for matching, energy-efficient appliances with a modern look. If you have a couple of white appliances mixed with a stainless steel or maybe a black one, it’s time to get everybody on the same page with high quality, energy-efficient appliances.


Now, cabinets are a tricky thing because not all cabinets need to be replaced. If you really like the layout of your cabinets a good refinishing or painting might be all that’s needed. However, if you don’t like the layout, it’s restricted, or the design doesn’t make practical sense, buyers will notice that as well. You may need to replace all the cabinets or simply replace the hardware, which is a smaller upgrade and can make the cabinets look better.


Lighting is also important to consider. Modern lighting fixtures or at least fixtures that fit within the genre of the home are an important feature not to be overlooked. From the very basic to replacing broken or dim bulbs to completely overhauling all of the lighting can be a great return on your investment and can be relatively inexpensive as long as you’re not rewiring the entire kitchen.


Buyers want to see practicality and utility in the kitchen. It is a major place to entertain and is the heart of the home so if it doesn’t make sense or if the layout is awkward or the room itself is cut off from the rest of the house, it can be a turnoff. Having an open floor plan with access to a family room or large dining area can make the kitchen seem much more attractive and appealing.

Although it is a side note, it’s important to talk about flooring for just a minute. You may or may not need to update the flooring but if the house itself has mismatched flooring throughout, bringing everything together with one conducive and coherent flooring can make the entire house seem much more attractive. However, it’s not the end-all for kitchen remodeling. Cabinets, counters, lighting, and practicality are really the top things that buyers are looking for.

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