As a homeowner, your property is your biggest financial investment and you wanted to hold its value and even increase in value while you’re using the investment. It’s about the only type of investment you can actually use while it’s earning you money. But you don’t want to ruin that investment either. So how do you know if your home has good resell value?

Here are 10 signs your home has good resale value.

#1. Your home has great curb appeal.

A well-maintained and manicured home is more likely to get a showing and a higher appraisal value.

#2. It’s not the most expensive home in the neighborhood.

You don’t want to be the most expensive home in the neighborhood because the rest of the homes are actually bringing down your value. However, if there are more expensive homes in the neighborhood it actually brings the value up.

#3. You live in a good school zone.

Check out great to find out the ratings on your nearest schools. If they have great ratings, it will naturally increase your home’s value. And if you live in a highly popular coveted school district, this will increase it even more.

#4. Close amenities.10 Signs Your Home Has Good Resale Value

Did you know that homes next to Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are valued higher than those further away? Being close to amenities can be a Park.

#5. Safe neighborhood.

If you’re headed down the neighborhood and you notice bars on the windows, chances are buyers are not going to think it’s too safe. If your home rates well on neighborhood websites, it can increase your value.

#6. Three bathrooms or more.

A home with more bathrooms will naturally be valued higher than those with less, but just the fact of having more bathrooms than just one or two will naturally make the home seem more valuable to buyers. Buyers tend to shy away from homes with just one bathroom.

#7. Extra storage.

If your home has a third garage, built-in interior storage, outbuildings, or attic second house extra storage, your home might be more valuable then a property without these perks.

#8. Fewer homes on the market.

Homes will naturally be higher-priced if there are fewer homes to choose from. If it’s a seller’s market, this means that there are plenty of buyers and not that many homes.

#9. Upgrades galore.

If your home has had multiple upgrades even if they’re not the top of the line upgrades, it can add a lot to the value of the property. If you have an older home and you’ve added in granite or quartz counters, new cabinets, and updated flooring, it can fetch you a better return on your investment.

#10. Restrictive neighborhood.

Buyers like the safety and security of a gated community. There may be rules and extra association fees associated with the neighborhood, but buyers see this as a perk.

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