Why You Should Never Waive the Home Inspection

A home inspection is one of the most crucial parts of the home buying process. Waiving the inspection contingency on a home is being done more and more in very hot housing markets to give buyers an edge over other buyers making an offer on the same home. Unfortunately, buying a home without first getting an inspection is akin to purchasing a used car off of Craigslist without taking it for a test drive.  

Smart homebuyers and real estate agents know the importance of including the home inspection contingency in an offer. If they get rejected for including it they know that another home will come along. They also know that they will be paying the fee for the inspector and that hiring the right inspector is well worth the cost.  

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What an Experienced Home Inspector Provides 

A qualified home inspector with ample experience is going to comb every area of the property that is visible and accessible in search of: any safety and health concerns, repairs that need to be made, whether repairs and upgrades were done properly, etc.  

The areas that get checked out include important structural elements like the roof, foundation, walls, windows, doors, insulation, basement, crawlspace, and attic. Other important areas include the electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling system, appliances, ventilation, and evidence of pest problems.  

Once the inspector has finished looking carefully at the property they will provide a written comprehensive report providing details of any issues with the property.  

How to Find a Great Home Inspector 

Your real estate agent, of course, will have a few inspectors that they recommend. You can always choose to research and find an inspector on your own. If you choose to pick an inspector completely on your own you will want to make sure they are certified, reliable, and trustworthy to get the job done right and well.  

 The American Society of Home Inspectors is ready and willing to help you find a qualified home inspector in Western Washington or simply call me anytime! 

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