When purchasing a home, especially a luxury home, it is vital that you have an experienced agent whom you trust to help you complete your purchase. While everyone does have to start somewhere, when purchasing a high end home, you want to ensure that you have an experienced agent who is used to dealing with purchases of this stature. Oftentimes, finding the right agent can be just as stressful as the actual home purchase itself. Here are a few steps to take when finding and choosing an agent to assist you in this exciting home buying journey.

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Step One: Always talk to a lender prior to hiring a real estate agent. This is extremely important as many agents will want and even require pre-approval letters prior to assisting you.

Step Two: As with nearly every job or service, you should always ask around for referrals. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors etc. can all provide you with referrals to agents they may have used in the past, it’s all about who you know!

Step Three: Even if you get a great referral you should always do your research. Look up each agent you are considering and do enough research to get a good feel for each agent’s strengths and qualifications, as well as how long they’ve been in the industry.

Step Four: Don’t settle for the first agent you find. When selecting an agent you should interview at least three agents before deciding which agent will be the best fit for your specific needs. They are working for you, so be as picky as necessary!

Step Five: Whether you like one agent better than the rest, or are stuck between a few, it is always recommended to request references. By doing your due diligence you can hear first hand from previous buyers or sellers on the effectiveness, work ethic, and overall experience you may receive when choosing a specific agent.

Step Six: The old saying “go with your gut” still applies. You should never choose an agent who you have a bad feeling about, regardless of how great they look on paper. Trust your gut and go with the agent you feel will be the best fit for you.

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Step Seven: Make sure that you review your contract very closely to ensure there are no hidden addendums or fees when choosing your agent. A bad contract can ruin your purchase and even cause problems in the future.

As long as you have a good agent by your side the purchase of your new home should be as stress-free as possible. There is a lot of real estate lingo that you may not be familiar with, however, your agent will be able to explain any terminology, help you decipher inspections and ultimately help you purchase the home of your dreams.

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