Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having a great real estate agent is key to getting what you want. Here’s what to look for in an agent.

Quick Communication

If it’s taking days for your real estate agent to get back with you, that’s a big red flag that they may not be dedicated to their job. There’s a balance with real estate agents in taking on so much business. If you find an agent that has all the time in the world, they may not know their business that well and on the flipside, if you have an agent that’s taking on too much responsibility, you could not get the attention you really need as well. Finding a real estate agent that communicates with you on the platform that works for you best, either a phone call or text or email, and gets back with you within a reasonable time or consistently answers their phone, you know you have an agent that has your best interest at heart. The real estate world can be volatile and things need to move fast at times, a delay in communication could lose a sale.

“Kelli is very experienced and professional and gave us solid information and suggestions. Her guidance helped us price appropriately and sell quickly. She was always very available and followed up with us whenever we had questions. We really enjoyed working with Kelli and would recommend her  wholeheartedly and without reservation.” – Mik N. Woodinville

Proven Track Record

Ask your real estate agent how many homes they sell in a year. This could be on the buyer side or on the seller side, but if your real estate agent only lists properties and doesn’t actually sell the property, that could be a big red flag that they don’t know how to market or price the home correctly. On the low end, a real estate agent should selling at least one home a month and on the high end up to 6 to 8 per month. Any more and they’ll need a team to take care of all the extra work.

Kelli was awesome to work with! It was our first time selling a home and Kelli was always available to answer our questions and help us through the whole process. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave us the best advice, as she is experienced and knows the market well. We received multiple  offers on our home and Kelli negotiated a great deal for us! We honestly couldn’t have asked for more! I will recommend Kelli to anyone looking to sell their home!” – Susan F. Bellevue


I will say that experience is one of the number one things to look for in a real estate agent. All agents must go through training and testing to become a licensed agent, but nothing beats experience. Every single real estate transaction is different and without knowing how to navigate and negotiate between buyers and sellers, the client could lose out on a lot of money. Every transaction offers more experience because every buyer, seller, and other agent involved is different and knowing how to communicate and navigate through the transaction process takes a lot of experience.

I sold with Kelli a few years ago and just bought with her. Both were really great experiences. She’s incredibly responsive, but more importantly, she knows her stuff and the intricacies of the eastside market. I absolutely wouldn’t be in my dream home now if it weren’t for Kelli’s advice and  guidance with putting together a strong offer.” – Anna C. Kirkland

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