I talk to a lot of people daily about the prospect of living on Mercer Island. Some are extremely affluent business people looking to move here from California so the idea of spending a million or more on a home on an island is not a far-fetched idea. In many cases, these California transplants get much more bang for their buck on Mercer Island than in a small suburb in San Fransisco.

But what about all the rest of us? If you’re moving to or from the Seattle or Eastside area you may be thinking Mercer Island is a good choice. I’d love to give you some of the realities of living on Mercer Island.

Some of the best schools in the area.

The Mercer Island school district is touted as one of the best in King County and the Puget Sound region. According to niche.com, the Mercer Island school district receives an A+ for academics, diversity, college preparation, health and safety, and teachers. Their clubs and activities, as well as extracurricular activities, received a B+. This is one of the top-rated schools in the area with over 4400 students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade with a student ratio teacher of 20 to 1. 81% of students are at least proficient in math and 87% in reading. It’s rated as #2 out of 248 schools in Washington state and #10 of 252 is the best schools for athletics. It’s #22 of the safest schools in Washington state. The Lake Ridge Elementary, the West Mercer Elementary, and the Island Park elementary all receive top ratings, reviews, and grades for academics, educational purposes, and extracurricular activities.

But what if schools are not a priority?

Regardless of whether schools are a priority or not, the resale value of homes on Mercer Island based solely on the school district is unprecedented. According to Money Magazine, Mercer Island made the list is one of the top places to live in the country. Measurements are based on low crime rates, the median household income, diversity, and is rated for towns with populations between 10,000 and 100,000.


Although it has close proximity to downtown Seattle, Mercer Island has an exceptionally low crime rate. The most common is misdemeanor theft and mischief. The Mercer Island Police Station and Fire host community safety events throughout the year such as the National Night Out.

Convenient location.

Because Mercer Island sits in the center of Lake Washington between downtown Seattle and Bellevue and Kirkland, it provides the best of both worlds. You’re literally 5 to 10 minutes on either side of the most popular and populated cities in the state. From just about any direction your nor more than 5 to 20 minutes to some of the best shopping, entertainment, venues, restaurants, and outdoor recreation.

The woods.Do You Really Want to Live on Mercer Island?

If you look at a map of Mercer Island you’ll see massive cityscapes on one side and massive cityscapes on the other yet this complete green island sitting right in the middle. That’s because Mercer Island is full of trees and wooded areas. Most of the homes on Mercer Island were built anywhere from 10 to 60 years ago so most lots have established in mature landscaping and have left the trees as natural as possible. There are over 475 acres of parks and open space with several playgrounds throughout the island. If you want to live in the woods yet still want to be close to the city, Mercer Island makes the best location.


Mercer Island has a dynamic town center, strong leadership, and involved citizens all making Mercer Island one of the best places to live in Puget Sound. There are arts councils and civil-service commissions, open space Conservancy trust commissions, and most people on the island are heavily involved in community organizations, civil service, and have a love and commitment to the island and its inhabitants. In addition, Mercer Island has many community building organizations such as farmers markets, Summer celebration events, festivals, and beautifying activities.

So, why choose Mercer Island? You can see for yourself why people do. Yes, it is one of the more expensive places to live in King County, but you can see that it is one of the most unique, safe, and highly regarded communities anywhere in King or Snohomish County. I’d love to help you find your perfect home on Mercer Island. Start your online search here at any time or simply contact my office and get a list of specific properties that meet your search criteria and price.

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