When buying a newly constructed home some buyers forgo the use of a buyer’s agent and deal directly with the builder and the builder’s agent. To some buyers, it may seem that a buyer’s agent is unnecessary but in actuality, a buyer’s agent can be quite helpful in new construction purchases.

A common misconception among homebuyers especially first-time homebuyers is that a buyer’s agent will cost too much money. A buyer’s agent is free of charge to the buyer. Buyer’s agents only make a commission when a home is sold. The buyer’s agent splits a percentage of the profit from the sale of the home with the seller’s agent.

The salesperson or agent in the office at the housing community is working for the builder, not for you.

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Dealing directly with the salesperson will not be in your best interest because the best interest of the salesperson is to make the most money possible for the builder. A buyer’s agent will be able to give you a better idea of a good offer to make on the new construction home you are interested in. Just because a builder lists a home at a certain price does not mean that is the amount that needs to be offered a buyer’s agent can help you negotiate with the selling agent and builder and possibly save you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars.

Buyer’s agents study real estate as part of their job. A buyer’s agent can take the list of wants for your new home and might possibly find you one in a neighborhood that better fits your needs. You may have found a house that you love in a newly constructed neighborhood that seems great but a buyer’s agent will know all of the similar properties in that area and find you not good or great but maybe almost perfect in a different neighborhood.

Buying new construction comes with several pages of contracts. A buyer’s agent will help you go over that contract with a fine toothcomb to make sure everything is working to benefit you. Sometimes contracts can be full of confusing language or legal jargon, let a buyer’s agent help you navigate and better understand everything in the contract before you agree and sign your name to it.

A buyer’s agent has one objective in mind, to take care of the buyer. Before you buy any home find a reputable buyer’s agent committed to helping you get the best deal possible.

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