Are Buyers Looking for High-Tech Homes?

More often than not I’m speaking with buyers that are looking for smart home technology in the properties we view. This could mean something as simple as a programmable thermostat to an entire house operated simply by a touch of a button on your phone. New technologies are constantly emerging, which renders others obsolete. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the rate of technology these days as we swap better phones every year or two, constantly renew monthly subscriptions to technology sources, and innovate our homes for more high-tech options. Well, homeowners are not the only ones with this type of vision; buyers are looking specifically for homes that offer some “smart technology”.

There are some major technology upgrades that most homes may have by 2020, that’s literally less than two years away. Granted, most of this technology will be automatically implemented in brand-new homes and new construction, but, many homebuyers are looking for upgrades on existing homes as well.

Fingerprint unlocking.

Keys will become more and more a thing of the past. With key fobs that now open our car and to start our engine simply by having them in our pocket to facial recognition on our computers, laptops, mobile devices, and even our front doors, fingerprint and facial recognition is on the rise. This looks like it will be a new way to unlock homes and cars and because fingerprints cannot be stolen, it as an extra level of security.

Communication with our appliances.

We can already tell Alexa or Google to turn on our oven to a certain temperature, play our favorite Christmas music, turn up or down the heat in the house and even control the blinds, but will have more and more communication with our appliances as we continue to replace them once old ones break or go bad. This could mean preheating your oven, asking your refrigerator what you are low on, or starting your dishwasher from across town in case the kids forgot. Communication with our appliances is on the rise.

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Light transmissive flooring.

This is a unique one that I read about today, which provide safety, security, and a decoration all benefit. It helps guide people through the house leading to exits and safety routes, much like on an airplane. It can enhance the atmosphere of the house and is designed to directly engage with people’s vision and a natural tendency to seek lights. LED carpeting is conducive with the natural habit of being guided by the floor while moving in this new convenience can offer people a light source in the night to navigate their house.

Smart home theaters.

Smart homes are the norm and we hardly go two steps without our smart device so it only makes sense that all electronic devices and gadgets are able to connect with each other in a home theater network. Whether it’s replacing sound systems in TVs or offering a more surround sound experience throughout the house, smart home theaters and sound systems will be a completely automated system.

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Other things on the horizon may not be as quick to implement such as smart windows and gesture control. Gone are the days of the “clapper” but the idea is the same. We can simply gesture to open our windows, turn up the heat, or controller surroundings.

So what are buyers and sellers supposed to do now?

I’ve encouraged a few sellers to consider upgrading some technology in their home, especially to high-end, luxury properties on Mercer Island. Buyers come to expect these features and homes typically sell for more when they are more electronically connected. However, will never outgrow someone that simply wants peace, quiet, and not direct access to the Internet… Well, you can’t please everyone.

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