I love the Mercer Island area and that’s my specialty even though I can buy and sell properties throughout the Puget Sound region including Seattle, Bellevue, and the Eastside. But Mercer Island is really my baby and I love helping folks relocate to or from the island. But, it is important to note that it is an island and there are other factors involved when relocating to this beautiful part of the country.

Here are 5 Things to Know About Relocating to Mercer Island

#1. Home prices vary dramatically.

Here you will find a $230,000 condominium on the north end of Mercer Island as well as a 10 million-dollar home on the waterfront in South Mercer Island. There are really no individual developments or home subdivisions so each home is its own unique identity. Many homes are down gated driveways but there are no gated communities on Mercer Island. This also means that 99% of the homes are not we do have homeowner association fees. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their landscaping, private roads and so forth. The few condominiums we do have located toward the north, have their own condo association fees, which can range anywhere from $100 a month to $400 a month. So, if you’re thinking that life on Mercer Island is too expensive, you might be surprised. It is very comparable with homes on Capitol Hill and downtown but typically are about 20% more than surrounding towns like Juanita, shoreline, and Renton.

5 Things to Know About Relocating to Mercer Island

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#2. We really have a chill vibe.

Toward the north end of Mercer Island, Interstate 90 traverses east and west from the east side to Seattle. Of course,I-90 goes all the way to the East Coast as well and ends in Seattle. However, south of the main metropolitan area of Mercer Island things get pretty relaxed. You’ll find quieter neighborhoods, a couple of schools, neighborhood parks, and beautiful trails and hidden gems on Mercer Island that you may not find anywhere else.

#3. We have excellent schools.

Real estate agents and homeowners agree that Mercer Island has one of the most excellent school districts in the state and that’s why a lot of people tend to move here. The Mercer Island school district has one high school, one middle school, and four elementary school spread out throughout the island. They rank as some of the top in the state and boast excellent reviews by parents, teachers, and students alike.

5 Things to Know About Relocating to Mercer Island

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#4. We have some killer parks.

People may move here for the schools but then they realize there are a lot of other amazing attributes to Mercer Island. One of which is the 80 acre Luther Burbank Park. It has multiple sports courts and fields, a great dog park area, access to beautiful beaches and docs, theaters, and it hosts several festivals and events throughout the year. Are similarly popular Pioneer Park contains equestrian facilities with several trails for hiking, jogging, and writing.

#5. It’s right in the middle.

It’s no secret that Seattle traffic is getting worse but, if you need to commute to either the Eastside or Seattle, the nice thing about Mercer Island is that you are right in the middle. You’re just a couple of minutes from the Eastside and less than 10 from Seattle depending on traffic. The I-90 bridge often gets close to down for Seafair activities or when the Blue Angels fly overhead but this only happens about once or twice a year so you can always take the 520 or find other avenues in and out of Seattle but the interstate is really the best. Most exits and entrances to the freeway are easily accessible by the majority of streets and roads throughout North Mercer Island.

Feel free to start your search here for all Mercer Island real estate or contact my office at any time to schedule a showing. I love Mercer Island and I hope you will too.