East Seattle Homes for Sale

Mercer Island’s east side is technically called “East Seattle”. Even though it’s within the SeattleMetro area, East Seattle is technically a neighborhood on Mercer Island. Obviously, it’s on the east side of the island typically referred to anything east of W. Mercer Way from Faben Point down along West Mercer Way to Mercer Heights. This arrowhead shaped neighborhood encompasses part of Interstate 90 and is home to a few residential neighborhoods and those along the eastern water’s edge.


Nestled in the northwest corner of the island itself, this is the oldest and most historic community on the island. It actually has quite a fascinating history and the Mercer Island Historical Society has referred to it as the “birthplace of Mercer Island as a community.”.

East to Seattle got its start back in the late 1800s when the development of the island began. CC Caulkins started buying land on the island to create a residential community free from the industry of downtown Seattle. He built a hotel near the once used a ferry dock to attract Seattle residents to the islands. Visitors flocked to the hotel and love the community so much that he eventually built rental cottages, homes, and a store and then other amenities followed such as a school, church, post office, and dancehall. It is noted that Pres. Benjamin Harrison once stayed at the hotel in 1891 but unfortunately, it burned to the ground in 1908.

Up until the 1960s, there were two municipalities on the island, East Seattle, and the main Mercer Island. In the early 1960s, the two communities merged and became the city of Mercer Island. The community now covers over .62 mi.² with a population of about 1400 residents. Because of this, East to Seattle has some of the oldest homes on Mercer Island as well as some of the newest and most expensive. There are some beautiful classical restored homes, fantastically renovated historical buildings, and modern and contemporary new estates. To give you a sense of cost for East Seattle, the average waterfront home in East Seattle is currently over $6.9 million.

Just Listed East Seattle Homes for Sale

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East Seattle has many points of interests including parks, Garfield Landing, public water accents points to Lake Washington and it is one of the best places to enjoy Seafair weekend. You can enjoy a walking tour of historic and architecturally interesting homes in East Seattle and simply take in the beauty of the conflicting and contrasting architecture in the neighborhood.

There are four parks in East Seattle including Slater Park, Proctor Landing, Garfield Landing, and Caulkins Landing. There’s even a Secret park with a small playground located in East Seattle if you can find it.


On average there are roughly 10 to 20 properties for sale in the East Seattle community at any given time. These properties can range anywhere from $700,000 to over $12 million depending on size, condition, location, acreage, and amenities. Due to the age of East Seattle, most homes are not in any formal association so homeowners dues are pretty much nonexistent.


Residents with school-age children are assigned to the West Mercer Elementary school, the Madrona middle school serving grades kindergarten through eighth grade or the Islander middle school, and the Mercer Island high school. All are part of the Mercer Island School District.

For more information on East Seattle please see available listings on my website or simply contactmy office to schedule a showing or for any other questions on this and other Mercer Island neighborhoods.